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Neil Baumgardner writes,

> Thanks ever so much for the info. However, isnt it possible, even
>probable, that the 0083 Rick Dom II has actually a greater thrust due
>to the uncounted skirt thrusters? Would seem to be an additional
>105,000 kg of thrust. Is the total amount actually given, or just by

  It's just given by thruster. However, it's pretty clear that the 0083
staff deliberately halved the Rick Dom II's thrust to bring it in line
with other contemporary mobile suits - as I pointed out, they changed its
turn time accordingly, and also halved the Gelgoog Jaeger's thrust for
its reincarnation as Cima's Gelgoog. If the Rick Dom II really had an
additional hundred tons of thrusters tucked under its skirt, it would
have a total thrust 1.5 times that of the GP01, and about three times
that of the supposedly-superior Gelgoog.

  Ignoring the potential contribution of the skirt thrusters is just a
0083 quirk, just as the folks who spec'd out Z Gundam and 0080 ignored
the contribution of the foot thrusters. Evidently it's shared by the
animators, since in 0083 the Rick Dom II and Gelgoog Marine are seldom
shown using their skirt thrusters at all - they rely almost entirely on
the backpack engines, with occasional boosts from the feet.

-- Mark

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