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Mark Simmons wrote:

> In the process of retconning the Rick Dom II's total thrust, they also
> changed the layout of the thrusters. In accordance with 0083's specs
> orthodoxy, they counted foot thrusters towards the total (which wasn't
> done with the specs in Gundam 0080) but didn't count skirt thrusters.
> Thus, in 0080 we have Rick Doms and Gelgoogs whose thrust is attributed
> exclusively to the skirt and backpack thrusters. In 0083, we have Rick
> Doms and Gelgoogs whose thrust is attributed only to backpack and foot
> thrusters. The Rick Dom II and Gelgoog Marine both have visible skirt
> thrusters, but these are ignored in the specs.
> In general, the counting or discounting of skirt and foot thrusters
> seems to be purely a matter of fashion, with the practice changing from
> series to series. I guess it's all just a matter of bookkeeping, and only
> the total amount really matters.

    Thanks ever so much for the info. However, isnt it possible, even probable,
    the 0083 Rick Dom II has actually a greater thrust due to the uncounted
    thrusters? Would seem to be an additional 105,000 kg of thrust. Is the total

    amount actually given, or just by thruster?


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