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>Neil Baumgardner writes,
>>Also, the Alex booklet has a pic of the Alex in a somewhat lighter,
>>armed armor package called FSWS. What is it and what does it stand for?
> The FSWS project was something the Federal Forces were working on at
>the end of the war; its aim was to beef up the Gundam with extra
>thrusters, armor, and firepower, to take maximum advantage of its handful
>of newtype pilots. The FA-78-1 Gundam Full Armor Type is but one of a
>number of proposed FSWS designs (another being a booster-equipped
>semi-Gundam that sounded a lot like the G-dash from that Mobility Fleet game).
> The FSWS version of the Alex shown in the manual is, like the green
>Kaempfer, described as a prototype draft. The accompanying test connects
>the Alex to other newtype-oriented upgrades of the Gundam such as the
>magnet-coated G-3 and the FSWS-derived Full Armor Type, saying that it
>draws on all these concepts. Though it's not explicitly stated, the
>illustration may be meant to show how the Alex evolved from the FSWS
>project (indeed, the illustration is very similar to the MSV line's Full
>Armor Type).

This question came up last year, when Mark was on sabbatical from the list.

In answer to the still-unanswered question regarding what "FWS" means, I
can't find the reference just now but, as I recall, it's "Full Strength
Weapon System"....


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