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Neil Baumgardner asks,

>I posted this on the GML when I first
>joined, but didnt get an answer. On your Gundam Project, you list the
0083 Rick
>Dom II as having 2 x 21,000 kg thrusters as opposed to the 0080 version's 5
>thrusters. However, I clearly saw five thrusters under the 'skirt' of
Karius' Rick
>Dom II in one of the latter 0083 episodes. Where does this elusive two
>(and underpowered) Rick Dom II come from?

  I coulda sworn I sent you an answer via personal e-mail at the time.
Well, not to be too redundant, I'll keep this one short...

  The reduced specs for the Rick Dom II - which total to 56,000 kg of
thrust versus the original 110,000 kg - were published in pretty much
every 0083 reference book. Evidently the 0083 staff took it upon
themselves to rein in the overpowered mobile suit by halving its thrust.
That's evidently not a typo, since they also adjusted its 180 degree turn
time to reflect the reduced thrust. (In the same fashion, Cima's Gelgoog
has near-identical specs to the Jaeger, but half the thrust.)

  In the process of retconning the Rick Dom II's total thrust, they also
changed the layout of the thrusters. In accordance with 0083's specs
orthodoxy, they counted foot thrusters towards the total (which wasn't
done with the specs in Gundam 0080) but didn't count skirt thrusters.

  Thus, in 0080 we have Rick Doms and Gelgoogs whose thrust is attributed
exclusively to the skirt and backpack thrusters. In 0083, we have Rick
Doms and Gelgoogs whose thrust is attributed only to backpack and foot
thrusters. The Rick Dom II and Gelgoog Marine both have visible skirt
thrusters, but these are ignored in the specs.

  In general, the counting or discounting of skirt and foot thrusters
seems to be purely a matter of fashion, with the practice changing from
series to series. I guess it's all just a matter of bookkeeping, and only
the total amount really matters.

-- Mark

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