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Neil Baumgardner writes,

> I'm still waiting for an answer on this. Can someone please help me?

  Impatient, aren't we? Surely you should know by now that this is a
forum for bitching and complaining, not information exchange. ;-)

  Okay, let's take a look at those manuals...

>Hello all, I just bought some 0080 models kits I just found: the MS-18E
>and RX-78NT1 among others. I think this may have been mentioned before,
>but I have a few questions from the instructions booklets. The Kampfer
>booklet has a picture of a slightly different green Kampfer model, is
>this the erstwhile prototype model or what?

  It's labeled as the "prototype draft," implying that it was never
actually built. The accompanying text cites the "first development type",
the YMS-18, as well as an F type that was supposed to be armed primarily
with beam weapons. It's possible that the green illustration could be
this YMS-18 design, since both are supposed to be predecessors to the
familiar E type.

>Also, the Alex booklet has a pic of the Alex in a somewhat lighter,
>armed armor package called FSWS. What is it and what does it stand for?

  The FSWS project was something the Federal Forces were working on at
the end of the war; its aim was to beef up the Gundam with extra
thrusters, armor, and firepower, to take maximum advantage of its handful
of newtype pilots. The FA-78-1 Gundam Full Armor Type is but one of a
number of proposed FSWS designs (another being a booster-equipped
semi-Gundam that sounded a lot like the G-dash from that Mobility Fleet game).

  The FSWS version of the Alex shown in the manual is, like the green
Kaempfer, described as a prototype draft. The accompanying test connects
the Alex to other newtype-oriented upgrades of the Gundam such as the
magnet-coated G-3 and the FSWS-derived Full Armor Type, saying that it
draws on all these concepts. Though it's not explicitly stated, the
illustration may be meant to show how the Alex evolved from the FSWS
project (indeed, the illustration is very similar to the MSV line's Full
Armor Type).

-- Mark

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