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>From: "Kaworu Nagisa" <17thangel@tokyo-3.com>
> >It was the first sanctioned Gundam designed by a gaijin, Syd Mead, who's
>done designs for a few Hollywood films and was best remembered for his
>designs used in Blade Runner. It was supposed to be a perfect marriage
>between the West and the East, but what we got is... what the Japanese now
>dub the "national shame".
> Hmm... I'd say, "international shame" suits it better.

When I made my weekly visit to the huge Sakuraya hobby store in Tokyo last
week, I was surprised to find a stack of the 1/100 Turn A kits on clearance
for 980 yen. This is probably the most trafficked hobby store in downtown
Tokyo, and their gundam kits never go on clearance. I didn't know the
Turn-A was that unpopular here, and although I don't like the Turn-A myself,
I caved in and bought one just to supplement my collection.

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