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> Subject: Re: [gundam] Turn-A

> Just because one has a talent in industrial design does not mean one has
> what it takes to come up with a reasonable/convincing mechanical design.

Uh, ya, a guy who makes his living designing real and not so real mechanical
objects (cars, boats, trains, buildings, spaceships, etc.) would be like a
fish out of water designing mechs. What? Maybe you mean he's ill equiped
to speak to the Japanese anime mindset, I'll go with you there, but don't
tell me you think you can rate his ability to render machines.

> Witness the feet of the Flat, for example. It looks like a MS on high heels,
> with minimal ground-touching surface. Can you imagine the kind of stress
> on the ground where the heels connect? And this is designed for combat?

What are the specific design specs of that foot? You don't know? Neither
do I. So, based on what are you saying that the heel would fail? I guess
we'll have to wait until someone gets to the moon and starts producing

> It probably has a heck of a time balancing itself. When the need for
> suspension of disbelief has been stretched this far, it is no longer sci-fi
> because the science part has been obliterated.

Yes, I was at the piloting trials and I witnessed the drunkeness of its
movements. Stretching the suspension of disbelief. You, of course, are
not referring to Minovski particles, NewType abilities, soap opera plot
coincidences, or the humanoid form for fighting vehicles. Right. Didn't
some scientists think that if you flew faster than the speed of sound that
you wouldn't be able to breathe? Some things you can't know until you
actually try.


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