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>>Not to mention the fact that the Baroness is one hot babe. She was one of the
>few american show characters who was actually erotic in a sense.
> The Baroness? Erotic!? Certainly not what I had in mind.
> How about Nefertina from "Mummies Alive!", or Jessie
> Banon from "The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest"? Now
> those two are HOT! :D~~~
        Well, it is known that the Baroness favours red underwear. [1]
        Er, excuse me, I think I need to go lie down somewhere cool...

        [1] She gets on the wrong side of Scarlet in a story called, I
think, Hush Job, and Scarlet "borrows" her uniform for a while. I'm a
little unsure because both the UK and US comics ran stories featuring
Snake Eyes, Scarlet, and, argh, thingy Shadow which had no dialogue...


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