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Richard meant to send this to the list. So here you go.


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Subject: Re: [gundam] cost effectiveness of Mobile Armor

>You might be confusing function with implementation. Transformation by
>itself is not a waste. Just take a look at swing wing designs in F-14s.
>Why not just make a high speed interceptor and a slower plane? Well, why
>make two? I would think in zero-g that inertia would be a big factor in
>maneuvering. Transforming into a compact center of gravity mode would
>probably save energy when trying to change vectors, right? I mean in
>terms of trying to negate rotations of an elongated mass as opposed to
>more of a sherical shape. I may be way off there. And it could still
>use whatever advantages a humanoid design might bring in cases where there

>is gravity. The idea has been put forth that a humanoid design in and of
>itself is a waste. That would imply that any transformation into a less
>humanoid version (more compact, etc.) would become an advantage, right?
>"Reasonably well" is good enough as a test but in battle nothing short
>of "exceptional" will do, in the long run, so I can't see them developing
>MAs or MSs that would sort of work in a fight.

hmmm. I see your point there. It would seem, then that "monstrous" non-human
MA with appendages that can manipulate objects, while at the same time being
more useful in "monster" form to their environment would be the way to
makes sense, since mother nature has basically been doing that since time

One particular MA I was impressed with was the Val Valo/Val Varro from 0083.
 powerful, had a mega particle cannon, and could basically run over most other
MS's. at the same time, it had these nice gripper claws, just in case.
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