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> Yeah... the GI JOE comics was really cool! I even got a
> copy of each of the four parts of the Snake-eyes series,
> and still got collecting some Snake-eyes & the Ninja
> Force issues. Besides, I really think Snake-eyes & Scarlet loveteam
works out better than Duke & Scarlet.

I loved some of the issues where there was no dialogue used....

>>Not to mention the fact that the Baroness is one hot babe. She was one
of the few american show characters who was actually erotic in a sense.
> The Baroness? Erotic!? Certainly not what I had in mind.
> How about Nefertina from "Mummies Alive!", or Jessie
> Banon from "The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest"? Now
> those two are HOT! :D~~~

you kidding? Baroness is kinda like Cima in a more sedate and melodramatic
form...but the leathers, my

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