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>>>I disagree that Cost is the only reason MA's never caught on. Though they
>>>fast they lacked one thing that MS's had; manueverablity the best way to
>>>expain my point of view is this: A MA would be like a man on a bicycle with
>>>Uzi and an MS would be like a man walking with a 9mm. Though the guy on the
>>>bike can travel farther and faster, he lacks the ability to dodge as well
>>>the man on foot and what if that MA loses ammo? Its as good as gone since
>>>also lacks Melee weapons. There are advantages to both of course Thats is
>>>the Z and ZZ series have Variable form MS's so that they can have the best
>>>both worlds, that ability to travel long distance like a MA and
>>>mavueverability of an MS.
>>>- Roger
>>I think it's a difference in philosophy as old as warfare...either have a
>>who can take you out in one shot with a nasty weapon, or have a unit which
>>wear you down and have enough maneuverablity to dodge you. either ways have
>>their advantages and disadvantages. but MA's have the added advantage of
>>themselves an eaiser time of killing capital ships...once again, though, if
>>you're like Char or Amuro or the lead guy like Kou, it all goes out the
>>"Magic is the hand of faith..."
>I also noticed that MA's have no Rear defenses and in a space eviroment
>enemies come from all sides I would that the best thing to use are funnels

- Roger

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