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> >heya guys. I rented some fansubs from my "local import store" today, the
> >first 4 episodes of Gundam X. So far, I like it. It seems like its more of a
> >superhero-robot type series, but I haven't found much I don't like about it.
> >Not yet at least. They've got more episodes too, so I suppose I'll just keep
> >mentioning every once in a while what I think of it. (The opening is pretty
> >cool, too.)
>I've seen about a dozen episodes already, but from what I heard, the series
>gets progressively weak as it goes on. It didn't look that bad from the
>(severely abrdiged) manga, though.

Manga? You're not talking about Crossbone Gundam (which has no relation to
Gundam X)., right?

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