Matt Hanyok (
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 23:15:56 -0400

well, my attempt to record video onto my PC is a success. (A rather large
one at that- Gundam X opening in 320x240, 22KHz 16-bit stereo is only 9MB
MPG!.) Anyhow, I have this horrible problem of the sound cutting out of half
my speakers. I _think_ it's caused by a crappy connector cable from the
line-out of my tv card to the line-in of my sound card. Any of you guys know
if that could be causing it, or am I possibly right? (I hope so, cause
that's an easy fix.)

and uh, sorry about the OT.

Matt "pointless babble" Hanyok
"Amazing. You spoke all that but didn't actually say anything."

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