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FIX is a great book, from what I understand ;-)

I have one on order, but its currently on "backorder" status. Dunno about
the other one tho. And if you think a month wait is bad, well, it took me 8
months to get a legioss! Ironically, about a month later, they re-released
the kit, but 1 month isn't a bad wait.

Matt "pointless babble" Hanyok
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Subject: [gundam] Gundam MS Encyclopedia

> Have any one of you bought the Gundam MS Encyclopedia from HLJ these past
> months?
> I've ordered this from HLJ during the first few days of september... and
> they say they're under stocked... it's been already almost a month
> I've been thinking of changing the order to that MS GIRL or that Gundam
> book instead... does anyone have one of those books?
> Are any two of those books really good? Is it recommended for a gundam fan
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