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>>A MA would be like a man on a bicycle with an
>>Uzi and an MS would be like a man walking with a 9mm. Though the guy on the
>>bike can travel farther and faster, he lacks the ability to dodge as well
>>the man on foot and what if that MA loses ammo? Its as good as gone since
>>also lacks Melee weapons. There are advantages to both of course Thats is
>>the Z and ZZ series have Variable form MS's so that they can have the best
>>both worlds, that ability to travel long distance like a MA and
>>mavueverability of an MS.
>I can carry a s***load of ammo on a bike...
>but even then, up close you ever tried to
>shoot somebody at close range with an uzi
>on your bike... The navy had this idea for
>a missile boat, that showed up with its 1000
>cruise missiles, destroyed everything that
>it could, and went home... to relaod another
>Billion dollars in missiles. The problem was
>NOT the cost, but this One trick pony didn't
>have defenses say against submarines, etc...
>It was too one dimensional, or mission specific.
Well, as heavy and fast as they are MA's lack Manueverability and they're way
too big!! MS's could run circles around it!! Not to mention the fact that they
can barely Dodge weapons if not for an I-field it would be almost too easy a
target... that is if you can get past the barrage of missles and beams.
its like you said too one dimensional...

- Roger

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