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Funny you mentioned this...Because when inventors met during WW1 to try to
think of new weapons, one of them brought in a drawn picture of a bycycle
with a machine gun mount in the front. Needless to say, it never caught on
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> >> >When I think of Mobile Armor inevitably I think of Mobile
> >> Armor of OYW
> >> >vintage. Lets break MA down to its essential function: A
> >> cruiser sized
> >> >reactor core with big weapons wrapped around a bunch of big
> >> thruster. Its
> >> >relative small size comparing to a ship make it much faster and more
> >> >maneuverability as well as saving of space/weight on living
> >> quarter, life
> >> >support that ship must carry around. Yet it can carries just as much
> >> >firepower as a regular ship. Another consideration, MA can
> >> be designed to
> >> >have better armoring than ship, since it is a more compact
> >> machine, I-Field
> >> >generator became practical due to its small size.
> >>
> >> I suppose given these definitions that an MA is basically a miniature
> >> battleship then, much like the Battleship good ol' Worf
> >> pilots in DS9. For
> >> me, an MA's use has always been the fact that it is a terror
> >> weapon...imagine, someting about a third of the size of a battle ship
> >> (generally) knocking out fleet elements left and right. MA's were not
> >> menat, I think, to really battle MS's, but rather be
> >> considered as special
> >> fleet additions that can wreak havoc and destroy fleet lines.
> >
> >An apt comparison would be a speedboat with mounted 18 inch gun in modern
> >navy. Capable of
> >hitting target on the sea and on the land.
> >
> >I disagree that Cost is the only reason MA's never caught on. Though they
> were fast they lacked one thing that MS's had; manueverablity the best way
> expain my point of view is this: A MA would be like a man on a bicycle
with an
> Uzi and an MS would be like a man walking with a 9mm. Though the guy on
> bike can travel farther and faster, he lacks the ability to dodge as well
> the man on foot and what if that MA loses ammo? Its as good as gone since
> also lacks Melee weapons. There are advantages to both of course Thats is
> the Z and ZZ series have Variable form MS's so that they can have the best
> both worlds, that ability to travel long distance like a MA and
> mavueverability of an MS.
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