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Winn Sevilla wrote:

> I'm playing Char's Counterattack on the PSX... and while on battle
> mode, I suddenly "unlocked" the MS-09S Dom that belonged to char... it
> was a good MS too... it's weapons really make up for it's sluggishness
> and slow mobility.

To unlock the Char' s Dom you just have to finish the battle mode in any
MS. Did you know that by finishing the battle mode in each of the MS
you get a different ending ? I think it is great how you get to see
some re-enactments of scenarios that were mentioned but never animated
in the series.

> Does anyone here know how to unlock other mobile suits from the game?
> Like, I've fought the MSZ-100 Shining Gold two times now... and still
> it isn't playable in the MS select screen. So far this is the only MS
> other than Char's Dom that I know that are hidden MS's.

No matter which MS use in the battle mode, the Hyakushiki is always the
final opponent.

To make the Hyakushiki playable you have to finish Char's story mode.
To make Char's story mode playable you have to finish Amuro's story

Jagd Doga - Quess customs
On the MS select screen highlight Gyunei's Jagd Doga then Hold L2+R1 and
then press CIRCLE to confirm selection. In two player mode, if both
players choose the Jagd Doga, one will be Gyunei's and the other Quess.

ReGZ- Amuro
On the MS select screen highlight the ReGZ then Hold R2+SQUARE then
circle to confirm. If both players select ReGZ one will be Amuro the
other Kayla.

G3-Gundam - Sayla Mass
Highlight RX-78 Gundam on the MS select screen then Hold L1+L2 then
If both players select the RX-78 Gundam, one will be the G3 Gundam.

> Now, for the Nu Gundam, how do I execute the "Beam Barrier" through
> the Fin Funnels? I've never thought its possible until I saw the AI
> doing it!

Press R1+Square+X in long range weapon mode. Only works when your
special weapon gauge is filled. This technique is the same for all
other MS to use the special attack. There are long and short range
special attacks.

> And how do I "grab" an opponent and throw him off guard then blast
> him?

Press Square + X when you are close to the enemy.

I hope this helps.


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