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>> >When I think of Mobile Armor inevitably I think of Mobile
>> Armor of OYW
>> >vintage. Lets break MA down to its essential function: A
>> cruiser sized
>> >reactor core with big weapons wrapped around a bunch of big
>> thruster. Its
>> >relative small size comparing to a ship make it much faster and more
>> >maneuverability as well as saving of space/weight on living
>> quarter, life
>> >support that ship must carry around. Yet it can carries just as much
>> >firepower as a regular ship. Another consideration, MA can
>> be designed to
>> >have better armoring than ship, since it is a more compact
>> machine, I-Field
>> >generator became practical due to its small size.
>> I suppose given these definitions that an MA is basically a miniature
>> battleship then, much like the Battleship good ol' Worf
>> pilots in DS9. For
>> me, an MA's use has always been the fact that it is a terror
>> weapon...imagine, someting about a third of the size of a battle ship
>> (generally) knocking out fleet elements left and right. MA's were not
>> menat, I think, to really battle MS's, but rather be
>> considered as special
>> fleet additions that can wreak havoc and destroy fleet lines.
>An apt comparison would be a speedboat with mounted 18 inch gun in modern
>navy. Capable of
>hitting target on the sea and on the land.
>I disagree that Cost is the only reason MA's never caught on. Though they
were fast they lacked one thing that MS's had; manueverablity the best way to
expain my point of view is this: A MA would be like a man on a bicycle with an
Uzi and an MS would be like a man walking with a 9mm. Though the guy on the
bike can travel farther and faster, he lacks the ability to dodge as well as
the man on foot and what if that MA loses ammo? Its as good as gone since it
also lacks Melee weapons. There are advantages to both of course Thats is why
the Z and ZZ series have Variable form MS's so that they can have the best of
both worlds, that ability to travel long distance like a MA and
mavueverability of an MS.

- Roger

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