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> It's hard to say whether this trend would have continued in the long
>term, or whether it was a desperation move by the Zeons to counter the
>debut of Federation mobile suits and their own growing awareness that
>they were losing the war. The transforming mobile suits of Z Gundam seem
>like an attempt to combine the advantages of mobile suits and mobile
>armors, but they never really go into full production. (Imagine if the
>Titans fielded an army of Asshimars instead of Hizacks! Cool!)

The only advantage I see in having a transformable system would be that no
energy goes to using the limbs, thus devoting more energy for speed and
weapons. Other than that, I think it's foolish. True, one could use an
alternate form for other environments (like reentry or harsh atmospheres or
underwater), but if that's the case, why not make hybrid forms which can be
useful in specialized situations and still function reasonably well in
normal conditions? That's why transformation always bugged me a bit. It
looks great, overall, but it also seems like such a waste sometimes.

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