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>> >The weapons? The pilot? The mustache!?
>> The cockpit's location? And its removability?
>The sleek curves? The great animation? The sharp points? The detail lines on
>the armor?
>Honestly, I just think it's a departure from the typical gundam look that
>has so many people disliking it. It's definitely a more western style robot,
>but like I said above, different people, different tastes. Just trying to
>throw out some of the good points.
>Matt "pointless babble" Hanyok

What I liked about the turnA the most was the fact that it got away from
the RoboSamuraiSpirit look, and more into an original look for itself. For
want of a better term, it seems to be less stylized than the other gundams
(condition brought to it's inevitable conclusion with the Gundam WIng
Custom Zero), being a bit more basic in design. It actually looks more
western in armor design for me, which is anice new direction, as far as
I'm concerned, since it will force other designers to think up of ways to
improve the durn thing.

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