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Mark Simmons Wrote:

> Actually, towards the end of the war the Zeons are moving more and >
>more towards mobile armors


> In the end, you're probably right that mobile armors are just too
>expensive and unweildy to replace mobile suits. But one still wonders >why
>we don't see scaled-down mobile armors, with the lower >performance of
>mobile suits but not the extra complexity of limbs, heads, and hands.

Well its hard to be a bad guy without a head, even in Setinel
the Mobile Armor/Ship thing had a Zaku Mono-Eye. As for the
rest I still don't see why we didn't have Lala Sun piloting
her Bits from the armored NewType bay of a Musai, you weren't
there for that one Mark, I think most of the answers became
it wasn't visually appealing.

>Why does the Gaza C bother transforming
>at all?

Why do any Tomino shows have Transformers in them? Toys Mark
Tomino always had to cave in and have Toys, the same reason
we have Flying Jet-Pack Han Solo action figures over here...
At least these things got in the series, Americans have toys
for which there were no basis in the story. How about the Sub
Zero Batman, or any one of those Variant Bat Mans that were
never in the Animated series or Comic Book. Throwing in a few
transforming mecha to feed the Toy companies never hurt anyone.
And at least kids in Japan have seen the toy animated, and aren't
just buying it because it has missiles and crap all over it.

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