Winn Sevilla (
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 20:08:53 +0800

I'm playing Char's Counterattack on the PSX... and while on battle mode, I
suddenly "unlocked" the MS-09S Dom that belonged to char... it was a good MS
too... it's weapons really make up for it's sluggishness and slow mobility.

Does anyone here know how to unlock other mobile suits from the game? Like,
I've fought the MSZ-100 Shining Gold two times now... and still it isn't
playable in the MS select screen. So far this is the only MS other than
Char's Dom that I know that are hidden MS's.

And about the way I "pilot" those MS.... wow! really realistic!

First, I send off the Fin Funnels from the Nu Gundam... then once they're
attacking the target... then I pop it with all the ammo I've got Especially
the Bazooka!

The way Char's Dom weapons combination is really great and useful... First,
I'd send off a blind flare, then pop i'm with bazookas and the beam
bazooka... really a classic destructive combo... and it really makes very
lethal damage...

Now, for the Nu Gundam, how do I execute the "Beam Barrier" through the Fin
Funnels? I've never thought its possible until I saw the AI doing it!

And how do I "grab" an opponent and throw him off guard then blast him?


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