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sorry, nothing to do with G Wing, but i think Gundam X n ZZ
are quite nice to watch

ZZ is fun while GX is shiok

--- Richie Ramos <gaijin@i-manila.com.ph> wrote:
> >> Why exactly did Wing 0 fall apart? I know its supposed
> to be a dramatic
> repeat
> >> of the ending in which it falls apart entering earth
> but, it just fell in
> >> water!!
> >When Nataku and Wing Zero re-entered earth, you can see
> that both the MS
> >were scotched rather badly. Wing Zero only started to
> fall apart when it
> >used the twin buster rifle. Since we never did see Wing
> Zero use its
> >twin buster rifle until that scene, my guess is that the
> twin buster
> >rifle actually causes damage to any MS using it.
> >Jorge.
> Hmmm...I'm beginning to get Master Asia's point here. we
> have buster
> rifles like TallgeeseIII's, which can knock out whole
> asteroids, but the
> Wing's twin busterrifle shakes it apart? And
> besides...wasn't the Wing
> meant to be reentry capable? hell, all 5 were supposed
> to be reentry
> capable...how is all the damage explained? was it
> because of the fight
> with Nataku? did nataku damage it that much?
> On closer inspection, that is something to consider eh?
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