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Rodrick Su launches another fun discussion topic...

>But MA never caught on like MS did in UC. Why?

  Actually, towards the end of the war the Zeons are moving more and more
towards mobile armors - the later mobile suits, like the Zock and the
Zeong, are almost more like mobile armors due to their size, firepower,
and variance from the humanoid shape (neither has true legs).

  It's hard to say whether this trend would have continued in the long
term, or whether it was a desperation move by the Zeons to counter the
debut of Federation mobile suits and their own growing awareness that
they were losing the war. The transforming mobile suits of Z Gundam seem
like an attempt to combine the advantages of mobile suits and mobile
armors, but they never really go into full production. (Imagine if the
Titans fielded an army of Asshimars instead of Hizacks! Cool!)

  In the end, you're probably right that mobile armors are just too
expensive and unweildy to replace mobile suits. But one still wonders why
we don't see scaled-down mobile armors, with the lower performance of
mobile suits but not the extra complexity of limbs, heads, and hands. Why
not a mass-produced mini-Bigro? Why does the Gaza C bother transforming
at all?

  Ah well. I guess one shouldn't quibble about the fundamental issue of
giant robots in a robot show, but it's still interesting to contemplate. :-)

-- Mark

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