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Matt Hanyok asks,

>okay, do people in Japan REALLY refer to it as the "national shame"?

  It was rumored that Tomino himself had been overheard describing it
thus, but since it's subsequently become apparent that he personally made
a lot of the more controversial design decisions, I think we can write
this off as a bogus rumor. I'm not aware of any particular indications of
how well Turn A is being received in Japan, other than that the models
seem to be selling pretty well (probably because they're relatively cheap).

  Other than that, I don't think anybody on this list (myself included)
really knows how it's being received by Japanese viewers, and almost
nobody here has seen any of the spisodes (I've only seen the first two).
Critiquing the designs and what we know third-hand about the story is all
well and good, but don't mistake it for first-hand commentary based on
actually watching the show. ;-)

-- Mark

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