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> You spoke my mind! I have never been too impressed by 0080, and I guess
> the real reason all along was how manipulative the last scenes were.

funny, that seems to be the reason most of my friends and I like it so much.
But, different people, different tastes, yes?

> 0080 had no NewTypes either, but where 0083 succeeds is its MTV styled
> action, the creators of 0083 obviously loved the original Gundam's mech
> actions and decided to pump that aspect up as much as possible. The
> soap-esque relationship between characters is also a tip of the hat to
> Macross, which was influenced by the original Gundam.
> Eddie

exactly! That's what I've been trying to say, I've just been doing it so...
well, phrasing it so poorly. thanks!

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