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When I think of Mobile Armor inevitably I think of Mobile Armor of OYW
vintage. Lets break MA down to its essential function: A cruiser sized
reactor core with big weapons wrapped around a bunch of big thruster. Its
relative small size comparing to a ship make it much faster and more
maneuverability as well as saving of space/weight on living quarter, life
support that ship must carry around. Yet it can carries just as much
firepower as a regular ship. Another consideration, MA can be designed to
have better armoring than ship, since it is a more compact machine, I-Field
generator became practical due to its small size.

Comparing to Mobile Suit, MA packs much more firepower and armor. Speed
wise, it also cannot compare with most off the MA.

But MA never caught on like MS did in UC. Why? Cost wise, a MA is a very
expensive piece of equipment. Most of the MA we saw in OYW are basically
proof of concept projects. Sure Zeon would like to have mass produce Big
Zam, but you can probably field several hundreds of Rick Dom for the price
of one Big Zam. And forget about Newtype MA, not only are they expensive,
but without a Newtype pilot, it will just be a expensive shuttle.

MA's size comparing to Mobile Suit is also another point against it. Most
MS carrying ship are simply not capable of also lugging a MA around. The
perfect example would be GP03, which has to be serviced outside of Albion.

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