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Re: The article Eddie translated...

  Wow, that was good stuff. A nice analysis of Tomino's themes, with
added perspective from some of his other shows (and looking at series
like Ideon, Dunbine, and Brain Powerd would only reinforce it). It's
especially on-target in analyzing the family theme. Tomino's shows very
often feature characters who are alienated from their blood families and
form surrogate shipboard families...

  However, many of these themes are common to all Tomino series, rather
than specifically to Tomino's Gundam work. Where does one differentiate
between that which is Tomino-esque, and that which is in the true Gundam

  Nonetheless, I'm in agreement on two key points. Gundam is more than
just realistic military action, and things like 0083 that strip away all
the other aspects do feel a bit soulless. And G Gundam is in its own way
quite Tomino-esque, since it hearkens back to the family themes, and
establishes bonds between combatants (esp. Domon, Chibodee, George, Sai,
and Algo) that are stronger than their ties to their respective corrupt

-- Mark

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