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> (snip)... the Haro in Z Gundam is not the same as
> the Haro in the first Gundam series. "Haro II" (as
> in Haro Mk. II) is a mass-produced replica of the
> classic mascot, one that someone had caustically
> tossed in that trash pile on the Moon. That is the
> explanation Bright and the rest of crew gives
> when he wonders why it speaks canned phrases and
> calls Bright "Bright" but Camille "Amuro."

Thanks for clearing that up. I always been wondering
this Haro has no feet, whereas the original has all 4
limbs. Okay, i'll rewatch that particular episode when
Bright explained to Camille about Haro... (^_^);

> Haven't had enough Haro yet? ^^ Check this out from
> Sunrise Interactive. After twenty years of Game &
> Watch, Tamagotchi, Pokemon, and Digimon, it's
> about time. =D ^^

Hmm... the Haro games... I like the Haro-related toys
like the life sized Haro piggy bank & and Haro bags
(man they are expensive, as usual!), but the
"Harobots" game... it's a bit too much for me.

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