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uhm...that was a mighty long one. :P (care to
translate any more articles for us japanese

> In the article "The Dream of NewType is Not Over",
> the Tomino philosophy
> based on his work from "Prince of the Sea" (1972)
> (Eddie's note: I do not
> know the American name of this show, and made a
> literal translation of the
> show's Taiwanese name) to "V Gundam" (1993) can
> be summarized as follows:
> 1. Doubts on blood relationships, and the desire to
> join a quasi-family
> community.
> 2. The question of "what is the meaning of war".
> 3. The direct and involved communication between
> persons.


hmm...can't speak for 0083 (haven't internalized it
that much yet). but i figure one can cram gundam wing
and it's endless babbling into those three criteria.
it's not really that much of jamming a square peg into
a round hole (more a square peg into a rectangle -- it
DOES fit...but kinda lacking in some aspects)

from last to first...

3. direct and involved communication between persons.

- dorothy and quatre (not that i fully understood what
they were yammering about in their fencing duel. the
filipino dub was a tad confusing for being
complicated...while the english sub was quite
confusing for being shallow...doh!)
- heero and zechs, and their system
- heero and relena...
- wufei and noin-sally
- quatre-trowa-catherine (that amnesia thingie)
- wufei and trieze
- trieze and zechs
- trieze and heero
- trieze and lady une

2. questioning the meaning of war and what they are
fighting for.

- the entire romefeller, white fang, and the space
colonies (not that i appreciated unduly complicated
political maneuverings...)
- heero and zechs/milliardo
- otto (?!)
- trieze
- relena
- dorothy (and duke dermail, i suppose...)
- quatre
- lady une

the one thing, i think, lacking in the "war" aspect of
gundam wing is that the tragedy of war is NOT at all
felt (i had fun watching g wing, but felt nothing
afterwards). the realistic human drama wasn't there.

1. family and quasi-family

i'm not too familiar with the manga and non-animated
stories (i don't have any other materials aside from
the series and EW and what i can surf on...).

but aren't all the wing boys orphans? don't they form
a sort of quasi-family, together with noin and sally,
by themselves?

well, as i said, i figure anyone can fit most any
gundam show into those three criteria. the same
themes were all there to me, somewhat...somehow...

anyway, i couldn't help reading the g gundam's kinda dragging enough right now to
make me want to read past it.

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