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>In a way, you are guilty of "bait and switch" by showing people
>0080 first to turn them on to other Gundam series.
>0083 sort of presents the same problem, because it is
>so action packed, and the animation quality is so good,
>it is likely to create unreasonable expectations of
>other Gundam series.

        I see your point.. But won't any other series have a bait-and-switch
effect too? 0080 is a bit bad in this sense because I don't hear of similar
storylines in other series, but 0083 had some common threads with other
series, especially when you compare the fight sequences there with CCA.

        Perhaps I like 0080 because it is actually trying to get a point
across.. and manages to. Other Gundam shows either tries to deliver a
difficult message to comprehend, or is just a series of very interesting
fights.. (CCA or 0083 in this case)

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