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Mon, 27 Sep 1999 23:31:39 -0700

>>Although Bandai has made some bad games 'The War For Earth' game wasn't
>>actually developed by Bandai. It was developed by a US game developer
>>with some
>>assistance from Bandai. I forgot the name of the US company but I think
>>it went
>>out of business at the time of the release of the game, and not many
>>copies were
>The game was developed by Presto Studios, famous for their Journeyman
>Project 3D rendered CG FMV games. It came out on, IIRC, Bandai's Pippin
>and Sony's PlayStation for the Japanese market. The game's US version was
>on Mac/Wintel hybrid CD-ROM which appeared in a single issue of mail order
>catalogs before disappearing from the public eye. Bandai of America was
>left with so many unsold copies (they could have easily sold them but for
>whatever reason did not make the marketing and distribution efforts to sell
>the game) they ended up giving them out for free to promote their new
>venture - AV.com.

Yeah, I got mine free from Anime Village as well. Does anyone know the code
to skip the "gameplay" and just watch it like a movie?


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