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>> 0080 on the other hand, being an OVA, the books are just that much
>>harder to get hold of. A lot of Gundam fans knows of ZZ, but some never
>>heard of 0080.
>That has less to do with the popularity of the respective series than the
>fact that Bandai apparently got out of the book tie-in business for awhile
>between 1988 and 1990.

This is decidely not the case. Bandai did not get out of the book tie-in
business between 1988 and 1990, and the scarcity of 0080 books is not
Bandai's doing. In fact, Bandai published more Gundam books between 1988
and 1990 than any previous two years, and it published most of the 0080
books that were released then.

Bandai did not get out of the book publishing business until the end of
1994, a full five years after 0080. (At that point, the editorial staff
that created many of Bandai's books just kept on working for
Shufunotomosha's Mediaworks without skiping a best. ^^)

[Why do I vaguely remember saying all this before? ^^;]

>On the other side of the coin, Bandai was doing a lot more in-depth
>coverage of anime at the time ZZ came out. I've found details such as
>character's birth dates and blood types in the two-volume Animage ZZ guide
>that can't be found in comparable books for any of the other series.

Actually, most of the books for ZZ were not published by Bandai at all. For
example, it was Gakken, not Bandai, that published those two Animedia
guides for Gundam ZZ.

>I wonder if it was the failure of ZZ that soured them on book tie-ins...?

Bandai published far more books about Gundam after Gundam ZZ than before.
^^ (Bandai's ads from any issue of its own B-Club magazine during those
years can attest to this.) The blame, if any, for the scarcity of books
immediately after Gundam ZZ does not lie in Bandai, but other companies
that did not pitch in during those years.

Egan Loo

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