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>However, as you may
> Robotech and Macross are not synomous. However, in technical terms the
> real differences are Protoculture for Robotech and Fusion for Macross.

In the Macross series, the reaction weapons and power technology were
*never* described as fusion -- and for good reason. ^^ There was never any
mention of what powered "reaction weaponry" onscreen. Even offscreen,
great care was taken to indirectly distance the Overtechnology-derived
"thermonuclear reaction systems" of Macross from the current fusion and
fission theories, technologies, and especially weapons. By the 2040s in
Macross, the reaction weaponry were pair-annihilation-based, removing even
the thermonuclear reference.

Why the reluctance to describe reaction systems? Why not simply call
reaction weapons just modern-day fusion H-bombs and be done with it? Neil
Nadelman (Macross Plus translator) asked Macross co-creator Shouji
Kawamori, and the reason he gave was taboo. Because of the literal and
figurative fallout from Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Fukuryu Maru, it was
taboo to mention modern nuclear weapons on Japanese television --
especially in a positive manner or if the protagonists are using them. This
taboo is similar to American television's reluctance to use another
"N-word" because of that word's deep-set cultural overtones.

Neil then asked why the creators now write about pair-annihilation weapons
-- after all, pair-annihilation weaponry are even more devastating than
your typical nuclear weapon. Kawamori said that since they don't exist
yet, there aren't protestors at the TV stations. ^^

Egan Loo

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