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>> This is a very stupid question but I have been watching V Gundam lately,
>> this is really bugging me. How did Usso get a Haro? Where did it come
>> from? Who made it?

Usso was lucky enough to have a father who put one together for him. ^^

>> (snip) ...IIRC, in Zeta, Amuro gave Camille one
>> (sorry if I'm wrong. I haven't re-watched Zeta
>> its first broadcast...)
>Actually, Camille picked up the semi-functional Haro
>(which can still chant "Amuro", "Bright", etc) while
>on the Moon. This is really an inconsistency with
>"0079" when the White Base crew (included Haro)
>escaped safely away from A Bu A Qu in the end, so
>there's no way Haro was abandoned by them after the
>war, let alone on the Moon.

There is actually no inconsistency; the Haro in Z Gundam is not the same as
the Haro in the first Gundam series. "Haro II" (as in Haro Mk. II) is a
mass-produced replica of the classic mascot, one that someone had
caustically tossed in that trash pile on the Moon. That is the explanation
Bright and the rest of crew gives Camille when he wonders why it speaks
canned phrases and calls Bright "Bright" but Camille "Amuro."

>> I think I read in an anime magazine many, many,
>> ago that it was mass produced and then re-called
>> because it had a tendency to curse or something like
>> that.

The first part is true, but the second part is apocryphal. ^^

>Hmm, I don't know about that, but Amuro keep on making
>his custom version of Haro, right up to "CCA".

Interestingly, Amuro refers to this unit (the one he gives to Hathaway in
0093) as the "third generation," as in the next one after the mass-produced
Haro II.

Haven't had enough Haro yet? ^^ Check this out from Sunrise Interactive.
After twenty years of Game & Watch, Tamagotchi, Pokemon, and Digimon, it's
about time. =D ^^

Egan Loo

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