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At 1:06 PM -0700 1999.9.25, j ridden wrote:
>Pretty cool game. However, i havent seen a bigger rip
>off of a 'labor/valkyrie before.

That's like saying Layzner, Dragonar, or the Flying Trooper from the game
Sunrise Heroes is a big ripoff of Gundam. ^^; Just as Kunio Okawara
designed all these Sunrise mecha, Shouji Kawamori designed both the
Valkyrie of Macross and the Omega Boost's title mecha. (For that matter,
Yutaka Izubuchi credits Okawara's Gundam and Kawamori's Valkyrie for
influencing the design of Patlabors. Before Patlabor, Izubuchi had updated
the original Gundam design into Gundam: Char's Counterattack's Nu Gundam
and revised the Zentradi powered suits for the Macross: Do You Remember
Love film.) Kawamori also designed Gundam 0083's GP-01(Fb)/-02 and Armored
Core's ACs, two other mecha lineages which also share similarities with
Omega Boost's Productnoids.

Egan Loo

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