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>Although Bandai has made some bad games 'The War For Earth' game wasn't
>actually developed by Bandai. It was developed by a US game developer
>with some
>assistance from Bandai. I forgot the name of the US company but I think
>it went
>out of business at the time of the release of the game, and not many
>copies were

The game was developed by Presto Studios, famous for their Journeyman
Project 3D rendered CG FMV games. It came out on, IIRC, Bandai's Pippin
and Sony's PlayStation for the Japanese market. The game's US version was
on Mac/Wintel hybrid CD-ROM which appeared in a single issue of mail order
catalogs before disappearing from the public eye. Bandai of America was
left with so many unsold copies (they could have easily sold them but for
whatever reason did not make the marketing and distribution efforts to sell
the game) they ended up giving them out for free to promote their new
venture - AV.com.

>(I think the game was actually meant for US release). The company also
>took liberties with the storyline and the Gundam universe and I think they
>deserved their fate...

Whoa... that's a little harsh. At least they tried to make a Gundam game,
and these are gaijins we are talking about. They just got too caught up with
the pretty graphics and kinda forgot about making a game that's fun to play.

>The developers used the Gundam Project website as its
>main resource but it seems like they never watched the 'One Year War' series.
>May be they tried to make it more appealing for the American public ? How
>they turn Char into an old fat guy???

IIRC the game was made around the time of Desert Storm, and the commanding
general was an "old fat guy" too... giving the overseas market, trying to
convince people a teenage bishonen as a war hero/ace pilot is a tall order.

>If you look for Gundam games on most search engines, you can still find a hit
>for this now defunct company promoting the game!
>Matt Hanyok wrote:

>> And it totally mangles the 0079 story. No mention of Amuro, Kai is a short,
>> plump asian guy who sounds like a surfer-dude, and then there's "Jose," the
>> pilot of the guncannon. Sure, there's a few good things going for it:
>> lengthy CG sequences of the Gundam that look pretty good, and real people as
>> actors (the fed/zeon uniforms looked pretty good, but char's outfit was just
>> bad), but man, am I glad I didn't pay for this one.

I got mine for free too, funny how I couldn't even buy it when it first came
out in the U.S. As for no mention of Amuro, the character you play IS

>> Anyhow, my question is: I know some of the Gundam games have been pretty bad
>> in the past, but at least they were console games, that actually used input
>> of some kind. Doesn't Bandai have some kind of "quality control" department?

Are you kidding me? Gundam games are like most licensed games - average to
miserable excuse of a game that got made at all because of the marquee value
of the licensed property! The only truly good Gundam game I can think of is
Giren's Ambition, but many may disagree... I get a kick out of it because it
has more OYW and MSV goodies in it than you can shake a beam saber at, but
technically it didn't really break any new grounds, just like ALL Gundam
games ever made.

>> (I swear, if Gundam 0079: Rise From The Ashes isn't a great game, I'm going
>> to swear off bandai games forever.)
>> Matt "pointless babble" Hanyok



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