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> Actually, Camille picked up the semi-functional Haro
> (which can still chant "Amuro", "Bright", etc) while
> on the Moon. This is really an inconsistency with
> "0079" when the White Base crew (included Haro)
> escaped safely away from A Bu A Qu in the end, so
> there's no way Haro was abandoned by them after the
> war, let alone on the Moon.

    As Bright has pointed out when he first boarded Ahgama, the Haro Camille
found could have been programmed by people that really admire Bright and
Amuro, since anybody could have program the Haro to remember those names.

> Hmm, I don't know about that, but Amuro keep on making
> his custom version of Haro, right up to "CCA".

    Maybe he gave it to Hathaway as a gift after the OYW....

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