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> 0080 and ZZ... well, personally speaking I can find books, manga and
>stuff describing ZZ much easier than 0080. There's at least 2 manga that I
>know of that deals with the ZZ era or thereabouts -- at least, in the
>relative timeframe (specifically, Revival of Zeon). Kondo does quite a bit
>of work on ZZ era, and heavily slanted towards Zeon. I wonder why.
> 0080 on the other hand, being an OVA, the books are just that much
>harder to get hold of. A lot of Gundam fans knows of ZZ, but some never
>heard of 0080.

That has less to do with the popularity of the respective series than the
fact that Bandai apparently got out of the book tie-in business for awhile
between 1988 and 1990. As a result, there's precious (in every sense of
the word) little in the way of Gundam books for both CCA and 0080. MS Era
was a shining exception to the rule, but then that was more in the way of a
10th Anniversary book than a Gundam 0080 book.

On the other side of the coin, Bandai was doing a lot more in-depth
coverage of anime at the time ZZ came out. I've found details such as
character's birth dates and blood types in the two-volume Animage ZZ guide
that can't be found in comparable books for any of the other series.

I wonder if it was the failure of ZZ that soured them on book tie-ins...?


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