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> (snip) ...IIRC, in Zeta, Amuro gave Camille one
> (sorry if I'm wrong. I haven't re-watched Zeta
> its first broadcast...)

Actually, Camille picked up the semi-functional Haro
(which can still chant "Amuro", "Bright", etc) while
on the Moon. This is really an inconsistency with
"0079" when the White Base crew (included Haro)
escaped safely away from A Bu A Qu in the end, so
there's no way Haro was abandoned by them after the
war, let alone on the Moon.

> I think I read in an anime magazine many, many,
> ago that it was mass produced and then re-called
> because it had a tendency to curse or something like

> that.

Hmm, I don't know about that, but Amuro keep on making
his custom version of Haro, right up to "CCA".

> Has Haro turned up on Turn A?

As far as I've been watching the series, no.

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