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Gokou wrote:

> After a long absence, and a long list of GML mail, i'm back.. Anyway,
> I recently got Macross VF-X2.. And after a while of playing, I thought to
> myself I dunno enough about Macross, Mospeada, blah blah blah.. So I was
> wondering if anyone on the list has the URL to a Macross site similar to The
> Mecha Domain or Gundam Project. Something with a rundown of story, veritech
> fighter descriptions, weapons, etc. etc. Much appreciated, thanks in advance!

    Well, there's an excellent Robotech source and two pretty good Macross ones.

    Check out the Robotech Refernce Guide (RRG) at

    It's about as good as it gets. Lot's of technical info. However, as you may
    Robotech and Macross are not synomous. However, in technical terms the only
    real differences are Protoculture for Robotech and Fusion for Macross. As
    a lot of the RRG is based on Macross info. OTOH, it's also a lot of
    _Very_ logical extrapolation, but extrapolation none-the-less.

    The erstwhile Macross version of the Gundam Project is the Macross
    Compendium, which has info taken strictly from sources only. However, that
    gets rather limited for some fighters.

    Another good reference is the Macross Mecha Desigs, lots of good info and
    but its primarly an RPG guide.

    Hope I helped,


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