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> > Hmm... I haven't see it yet, but judging from how the
> > discussion has been going, I'd say, what if that damage
> > thing was just for some dramatic effect? After all,
> > someone said that it was confirmed GW is meant for
> > yaoi fans; which are mostly female; which pay less
> > attention to the technical stuff. Just my guess.
> > No offense anyone ^^;
> >Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)
> Quiter possible, in which case anime physics takes the caser yet
> again...which will explain the nice ending of Heero and Relena towards the
> end...hehehheheheh, I won't say more...
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I don't recall anyone mentioning anything along this line, so I thought
I'd shout out (the once in a black moon) what I felt was the reasoning why
the Wing0C went balls up...

Basically, I always thought it was just a combination of forces. First, the
generator has to output enough thrust to counter the effects of gravity on
an 8 ton object, perfectly counterbalancing the force in order for the
to maintain absolute altitude (ie - hover). In addition, it has to
the force caused by the three firings of the twin buster rifle (the two
 combined). I haven't been able to find specs on the power output from the
buster rifle, and the last time I had physics was about 7 years ago so I
be as exact as I'd like.....but I figure that the generator would be running
or near max thrust to maintain relative to exact positioning, and the
pumps out I think between 87 and 92 tons of thrust. You have all these
acting upon the body of the Wing0C, and basically it just couldn't handle
pressure and buckled, causing the small kaboom.

Just to mention, a friend of mine asked why this wouldn't have happened
before, say to the Wing or Wing 0. Best guess (having seen only 40 eps of
the TV series) is that I don't recally any of them firing from a fixed
low altitude position with the maintaining of that exact position.
Most of the time it was in space, standing on the ground, or
it was in the atmosphere without compensating for a hover.


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