Chris Beilby (
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 19:15:51 GMT

>According to an Animedia special edition, there was an Omega Gundam rough
>design that was up for a slot in Gundam ZZ (before the plot had been
>finalized). It featured a mini-Gundam that transformed into the core-block
>(!) and I think arms of the Omega Gundam, which was large and ZZ-ish with a
>big-ass gun and all.
>I think the sketches of the Omega Gundam were included in an early edition
>of the MS Encyclopedia, the one that came out right after CCA back in 88?
I have that edition of MS Encyclopedia, and I /think/ that I found what you
were describing on page 96 in the lower righthand corner. It seems to be a
Gundam with a second unit that transforms into the Upper torso of a Gundam,
then attaches. I don't read japanese, unfortunately, so I can't be sure...

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