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According to an Animedia special edition, there was an Omega Gundam rough
design that was up for a slot in Gundam ZZ (before the plot had been
finalized). It featured a mini-Gundam that transformed into the core-block
(!) and I think arms of the Omega Gundam, which was large and ZZ-ish with a
big-ass gun and all.

I think the sketches of the Omega Gundam were included in an early edition
of the MS Encyclopedia, the one that came out right after CCA back in 88?

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>Is this the same Omega Gundam that was shown in the "Gundam Wars" model
>book? If I remember right, it has four pylon extensions that come out of
>its back and it can carry hydrogen bombs.
>I have it but I can't read japanese. If someone wants to translate it I
>can scan it.
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>Vince Leon
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>Subject: [gundam] Omega Gundam
>Hey gang...
>Anyone ever heard of Omega Gundam? I was flipping through a Hobby
>Japan from a few years back,and one of the review columns had the book
>Omega Gundam in it. The cover showed a Katoki-ish "Omega Gundam Ver.
>Ex." looks to be a fan-creation, but it's interesting to see that
>it got coverage in HJ...
>Mark Kai
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