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> Subject: [gundam] Gundam FIX?
> Does any one know anything about a book called Gundam FIX.
> it is listed on HLJ for 4800 Yen.
> thanks
> zy

It's a great book. It is a series of Photoshop (I think) comps of mechs
in real backgrounds, sort of like stills from a live action movie. Some
of the pics are beautiful. My favorite is a sunset shot of a ZZ Gundam
flying towards the camera, rim lit orange. A few of the shots don't really
work but the bulk look great. It's also about $60 here. Worth it if you
dream, as I do, of driving by, say, a military base and seeing a Destroid
or GM type mech standing guard in case of attack. I had a vision just like
that, on a very sleepy (took a 2 Contacts trying to kill off a sinus attack)
drive to Cal State Northridge in my youth (I passed the Van Nuys airport and
it has(d) a Reserve Wing there) where I could literally see a Tomohawk with
it's arm cannons aimed skyward, just in case. I should have pulled over
right there. Get the book, it's the closest thing to actually living in a
world where those mechs exist.


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