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> Subject: Re: [gundam] Re: Animation Perception

> It's the whole Gundam vs Gundam thing. I don't think any other MS match
> up can beat that. The animation quality in 0083 is also sharper than
> 0080. After a while, 0080 starts to show its age. Eye candy is always
> better at attracting the attention of newbie ...
> Jorge.

I have to disagree with this statement. I've watched both recently (ok,
I was making a "best of battle scenes tape") and the animation is much
better in 0080. The smoke effects, the character design (all the
characters in 0080 look like real people, much more so than in 0083),
the small stuff (shadows, clothing, color) is far closer to real than
0083, the mech movements are nicer, etc. The detail in the mechs and
the backgrounds are better, too. The facial expressions are more
realistic. In some battle scenes in 0083 I couldn't tell who was who
with their helmets on because of the generic feel of the faces. No
chance of that in 0080. 0083 isn't so much sharper as simpler. Less
lines, less color variations, etc. I love them both, but I'll watch
0080 before 0083 anytime.


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