Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 10:38:40 -0400

>uh...as long as you're not calling people who CAN
>enjoy non-UC gundam childish and immature...

>not to be rude, but i think this is really just a case
>of bashing that which you don't enjoy. a "good" and
>captivating story for you, may not be so for me and
>vice versa.

 Yeah... I agree. It doesn't mean that AC series are
 entirely for kids. Probably children in Japan would
 completely understand the story of W, but from
 where I came from, it might even be an actual
 complexity to most highschool dudes. Well, it's a
 bit of such to me not because I can't understand it,
 but because I kept missing a lot of episodes even
 after two reruns. ~_~

>gundam is a 20 year old saga, and spans at least three
>different generations (people of the 70's, children of
>the 80's, and generation x'ers of the 90's). but from
>what i can see, it's basic themes have never varied
>much, UC or non-UC. it's just the presentation. if
>you look beyond it, it's underlying themes are mostly
>the same.

 Yeah... so true.

>well, we all respect tomino's decision. but don't we
>also have a right to our own opinion on aesthetics?

 Hee hee ha ha ha ha ha! ^o^

>if i ever get to see and like turn A series, i'm still
>going to have a hard time appreciating that butt ugly
>mech design.

 Yeah, but without that butt-ugly "white thing",
 G Generation ZERO would never be complete. ^_^

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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