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Mon, 27 Sep 1999 07:01:23 -0700 (PDT)

> You said I'm a bit close minded, well yes in a
> certain way. The stories
> from UC timelines are very deep and that can appeal
> to the older audience.
> The new spinoffs (not counting turn A since they
> weren't done by Tomino)
> just didn't have the good stories to catch the older
> and more mature
> generation. The content and subject matter int these
> new spinoffs was more
> like geared towards kiddie shows. I'm not young
> anymore, so the typical
> dragonball fighting style in g-gundam just throws me
> off. long as you're not calling people who CAN
enjoy non-UC gundam childish and immature...

not to be rude, but i think this is really just a case
of bashing that which you don't enjoy. a "good" and
captivating story for you, may not be so for me and
vice versa.

how is non-UC gundam any more TRULY childish and
immature than UC? wacky and absurd, maybe, but saying
that it's geared towards kiddie viewers IS a bit of a
talk-down, no matter how you twist it. in UC, exactly
how mature and logical is it to have prepubescents
come across and pilot war machines?

gundam is a 20 year old saga, and spans at least three
different generations (people of the 70's, children of
the 80's, and generation x'ers of the 90's). but from
what i can see, it's basic themes have never varied
much, UC or non-UC. it's just the presentation. if
you look beyond it, it's underlying themes are mostly
the same.

>Turn A is
> different, yes. But let's not forget that the
> gundam designs are getting
> too repetitive and if you go to
> you'll see the authors of the site saying it was a
> breakthrough with this
> new design. It might not be Syd's best designs, but
> hey at least it's
> original, so give him a break. And for those who
> don't know Syd Mead, he
> was the guy who designed the mechanics for Blade
> Runner and Aliens(yeah kick
> ass movie). So are you telling me this guy doesn't
> know how to design??
> And it wasn't his decision to come up with a wacky
> design, if I remember
> correctly, it was Tomino's decision to come with
> such a wacky design. And
> Tomino is the man, it was his decision and I respect
> that.

well, we all respect tomino's decision. but don't we
also have a right to our own opinion on aesthetics?

if i ever get to see and like turn A series, i'm still
going to have a hard time appreciating that butt ugly
mech design.

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