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>>You seem to be subscribing to the "Short Attention Span Theater" Theory,
> [major snippage]
>>I'd agree that Gundam 0080 is probably the shortest, sweetest intro to the
>>UC world, but it's not necessarily the best or truest representation.
>>Newtypes and all of the issues regarding them are totally absent, as are
>>the background and extent of the War. Gundam 0083 at least touches upon
> Points taken, but without the Newtype-ideology (for the lack of a
>better word) it might actually be easier for certain people to swallow -- I
>personally still have problems with seeing certain Newtype powers,
>especially Amuro's bouncing Axis power in CCA. (^_^)
> Still, F91 might be an interesting introduction. I never had that
>good an impression of F91 MS as they tend to be too flashy for my liking. As
>a consequence I didn't really following the storyline, but due to the
>massive coverage by A-Club magazines on the story I can't help but know the
>story.. =)
>>We have a masked villain, a duel between a Gundam and a monster mobile
>>a horrific weapon of mass destruction, a reluctant hero, a nominal
>>villain with high ideals, children in peril due to the sins of their
>>Newtype manifestations, comrades in arms ... the works!
> Except for the Newtype manifestation, a lot of the other stuff is
>covered by other ... more generic anime. Somehow, F91 just doesn't sit well
>with me. I guess it's time to force myself to watch the show. =)
>>(And it also serves as an intro to Crossbone Gundam, arguably Tomino's best
>>work in the Gundam universe....)
> How so?
>>They really worked hard on F91 and the level of detail in the backgrounds
>>of the space colonies is incredible, but it was a flop and even
>>AnimeVillage is loath to take a chance on it, despite having an official
>>subtitled master in hand.
> I believe part of the problem was that 0083 came out at the same
>time, correct? It doesn't really help boost your pitch for F91 when 0083 was
>a nicely detailed, has lots of explosion, etc. etc. to grab attention.. =)
>>So there you have it: compilation movies for those who can deal with old
>>anime and F91, Z or V for those who can't, with F91 recommended for those
>>with short attention spans....
> Interesting points.. anyone else has comments?
F91 though great designs and mediocre art its actually lacking in one thing
0083 has and that is action. Though F91 had a great story its was directed
kind of bad. To me it was really boring and not a series I would rank on the
top of my list But if it was a little shorter it might have been quite good,
Besides the Onbard weaponry for the F91 was really cool.


- Roger

I may rant and I may trail off but at least I'm a damn cool guy!

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