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>> It's already been noted many times over that this
>> is the similar-looking Gelgoog Jaeger, but I
>> couldn't resist pointing out that you _do_ see this

>> blown up in battle - during the Alex's simulated
>> test combat in, what, episode 3.
> Wait -- I thought the Alex blew away a Zaku-FZ and a

> Rick Dom II, but was in turn blown away by a Gelgoog

> J who snucked up from one side? Or was that a R.

During the simulation flight, Chris shot down the
"Gelgoog Jaeger" then slashed off a Zaku FZ before she
was caught off guard by a Rick Dom II, when the
cockpit HUD indicated an incoming enemy. She told the
technican later that Alex was too fast, but it has
something do with her slowness, whether she's a
newtype or not...

> Another question: What's the Gelgoog Jaegar's
> official code? I've seen mostly MS-14J, but my copy
> of the Gundam Mechanics states it as MS-14JG,
> to the MS-14Fs.

It's MS-14JG. I made a mistake last time to mention it
as MS-14J, which is the model number for Neo-Zeon's
"Regelgu" ("Refined Gelgoog") appeared in "ZZ Gundam".

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